Spring is in the air and so is a discount February 28 2017

We are getting ready to release our Spring/Summer line for 2017 and are making room for the new items by clearing out some current inventory.  Use discount code SpringFling17 to get 17% off your order at checkout through March 31st.

Small Business Week Sale May 04 2015

Its small business week and we believe that means that we should celebrate.  Take 20% off all regular and sale priced items.  Use code BuySmall at checkout to get the discount.  Thanks as always for your support!

Valentine's Day Sale February 06 2015

To increase the fundraising effort for our #CleanWaterCampaign we are running a sale that lasts through Valentine's Day.  Use code ShowYourLove at checkout to receive 20% off your purchase.  As always, thanks for your support!

The #CleanWaterCampaign of 2015 January 28 2015

A little bit about the #CleanWaterCampaign for those of you who would like to know what it is that has me so excited:

For those of you who know me personally you are aware of my ever present need to do something (however small) to make a difference while exploring the world. After spending about four months in Southeast Asia this past year one thing became very clear to me. The lack of accessible clean drinking water is a very large problem throughout Cambodia. I have a special knack for getting food poisoning that stems from contaminated water so I found this problem to have a large role in my travels. But on a more serious note here are some facts about water, the world, and specifically water scarcity in developing countries.

  • Half of the world’s hospital beds are filled with people suffering from a water-related illness.
  • In developing countries, almost 80% of illnesses are linked to poor water and sanitation conditions.
  • Nearly 1 out of every 5 deaths in children under 5 is due to a water-related illness.
  • It is estimated that over 2,000 children die each day from unsafe water and poor sanitation; that is more than the number of deaths from AIDS, malaria, and measles combined.

 So how does any of this relate to what Recycled Imports Co is about?

Upon returning from my first trip to Cambodia it was clear to me that unrelenting poverty and a lack of infrastructure led to some large piles of garbage along the roads and in fields. As someone who has made a conscious effort to reduce my carbon footprint I found this rather disturbing. Families living amongst piles of trash and waste were something that I hadn’t seen to quite this extent. What was more alarming to me was that so much of this trash was from the recent tourism boom that has led to rapid development. Cement sacks that had once held what are now the walls of large hotels and shining new resorts made up a majority of these piles. Once home, and after some thought and elbow grease, I was determined to make this business grow. While I am excited to report that it has done so organically and sustainably I am more excited about changing the lives of others. Recycled Imports Co is about empowering others through sustainable income and training; about creating a one of a kind product for individuals who believe that what you buy can make a difference.

Again, what does clean water and well building have to do with anything?

During the first year of business I set aside 5% of the profit after operating expenses to buy school uniforms and bicycles so that rural children were able to attend school. Like any start-up business the profits were small yet allowed for a few children to attend school that otherwise would not have been able to. By changing the methods and reducing overhead I am determined to do more. After traveling throughout Cambodia I realized that the lack of clean drinking water far outweighs the need for uniforms, although it may not sound as glamorous. The reach has the potential to be far greater with the same donation amount, and exponentially greater if business continues to increase. So here it is in the simplest of terms:

Recycled Imports Co will take $2.00 from each item purchased during 2015 and use it to build a well that will provide clean, safe, drinkable water to a rural Cambodian village. This will be accomplished by partnering with a socially responsible hostel that has multiple locations throughout Cambodia. The initial goal for the year is to build one water well, but I would personally like to see no less than three wells built through the #CleanWaterCampaign in 2015. Because water should not be a commodity.  

Its time for a makeover January 26 2015

Please bear with us as we work to improve our website and your shopping experience.  We are hoping to have all of the changes made by the end of January so that we can spend the rest of the year focusing our efforts on the #CleanWaterCampaign and expanding our product line. 

As always thanks for your support!

20% off with RamaV code at checkout October 22 2014

I am currently in Thailand working on new designs and in honor of King Rama V we will be offering 20% off of all purchases through October 28th.  


A little bit about one the king's great acts:

King Chulalongkorn was perhaps best known for his abolition of slavery. In 1900 the Employment Act stated that all workers should be paid. All the slaves in Thailand were freed so that they would not become unemployed.

The most important royal contribution was the announcement of Slave Abolition Act. Slave Abolition made him the Beloved Great King of all people of Siam.

In the beginning of his reign, more than 1/3 of the Thai population were slaves. It was so because there was the endless continuity of offspring slaves. They all were slaves for the rest lives. Traditionally children of slaves also became slaves.

Relocation Sale- 25% off ALL items! July 08 2014

We are moving physical locations and want to push as much out the door before doing so on July 22nd.  To help us with this we are offering 25% off all items purchased between now and July 22nd.  


Use discount code MOVEIT at checkout to receive the discount.


Art Star Pop Up Market June 22 2014

Hey Philly!!!!

To celebrate the start of the summer we will be at the Art Star Pop Up Market at Spruce Street Harbor Park on Saturday, June 28th.  We will be offering discounted products as well as samples that are not available in our store.  If you happen to be in the area stop by.  

Worst case... you can say hi and pick up a discount code to use in the future.  Shop local.  Shop handmade.


Men's Wallet April 30 2014

A classic bifold Men's Wallet will be available in the next few weeks. Production of the wallets is wrapping up in Cambodia and will be available well in advance of Father's Day. The wallets will be available in a variety of materials and colors! Stay tuned for photos!

Yoga Line Coming Soon February 12 2014

We have been working in conjunction with Khmer Life in Cambodia to design and develop a new line of yoga accessories. Soon to arrive will be the basic mat bag and a multi-function mat strap. We are excited to tote our mats around the city of brotherly love with these new designs available in a variety of materials. Stay tuned for new product photos!


Show Your Love January 21 2014

Show how you love making a socially conscious purchase, one of a kind items, and yourself using coupon code CUPID2014 to receive 14% off on all purchases now through February 14, 2014. To show our love for Cambodia we will donate 10% of the profit from all purchases using this code to aboutASIA. Thats right- a discount for you and a larger donation to a great cause.

Cyber Week Free Shipping December 03 2013

Use discount code SHIPIT to get free shipping on all purchases made through December 8th. This discount can even be used when purchasing the pre-sale items that will ship on Dec 18th.