The Story & How It Started

The idea for this company arose during a walk through a market in Siem Reap, Cambodia. After three days I was determined to find a way to make a difference and improve the lives of the people who always seemed to have a smile on their faces. The aim of this company is to provide customers with one of a kind products while providing the creators of the products an opportunity to improve their lives.  The designs and product ideas come from the needs and wants of my everyday life.  The designs are then changed and improved in conjunction with the artisans who make them.  Craftsmen who have been trained to sew through an empowerment program in Cambodia create all of our products. They are provided with fair wages to help improve their quality of life. All products are paid for upfront so that the artisans don't need to use their own resources to create our products. 

The real belief is that education and reliable skills training empowers individuals. Our main goal is to improve access to resources that would not be available if not for the training programs that our producers are a part of.  At Recycled Imports Co. we believe that real beauty is more than just outside appearance- it’s doing the right thing for yourself, others, and the planet. These unique items makes a concrete statement about your support for women in Cambodia as they work to cement a new future. Eco-friendly and socially conscious while being a unique item. $2.00 from this item will be donated to build clean water drinking wells in rural Cambodian villages.

We aim to provide you with a product you can feel good about.
Fair. Recycled. One of a Kind. Handmade.